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Joe Pansa – Lack of interiority [Official Video]


Joe Pansa with Vito Mannarini and Marinella Di Palma
Written and directed by Joe Pansa
Produced by Enrico Linsalata and Joe Pansa
Filming, editing, visual effects and animations: Joe Pansa
Engineering, Mixing, Mastering: ChiralityAudio
Lyrics: Joe Pansa
Music: Enrico Linsalata, Vito Mannarini, Joe Pansa
Arranged by Vito Mannarini and Enrico Linsalata
Joe Pansa: Lead vocals
Marinella Di Palma: Vocals, Backing vocals
Vito Mannarini: Ukulele, Acoustic bass, Banjo, Nylon string guitar, Glockenspiel
Marco Lafirenza: Drums, percussions


Giuseppe Pansa better known as Joe Pansa was born in Mola di Bari , a town in southern Italy in the region called Apulia , the cradle of the Mediterranean, a region that has always influenced by a mix of multi-ethnic cultures of which will undergo a decisive influence on his artistic career .
In 1994, approaching the hip hop culture, was born within him a passion for this music and in 1997 he formed an hip hop band called “Cosa Nostra” which he will record several songs and brings out a mixtape titled “Interferenze Distruttive”.
In 1999, feeling that he could not fully express his ideas he left the band and he began to produce his own music starting his personal journey experimenting new sounds ranging between several musical genres including funk .
In 2001 he released his first demo in collaboration with Egidio Presta titled “Lost in Wonderland”. 14 experimental tracks mixing hip hop with various other genres of music such folk and electronic. This album was almost entirely in english.
In 2003 he released a new album titled ” “Volete il rap?A tavola che è pronto!” consists of 19 tracks where the artist returns to the roots, 100% hip hop .
In 2004, in collaboration with Egidio Presta comes out a different album, just guitar and vocals called “Nothing really matters”, where he wants to experiment new sounds completely distancing himself from hip hop . This album will be completely in english.
In 2005, he released one more work titled “In ogni verso, l’Universo” and in 2006 he produced a new album entitled ” Rap is Comedy ” which is a bit a mix of all the experiences and the influences accumulated over the years .
In 2008 he released a new album entitled “INCREDIBLE JOE”, mostly funky mixed to a metric and lyrical style completely different from his previous works influenced by artists like The Beatles, James Brown and David Bowie.
Joe Pansa in this album pays tribute to the Beatles composing several songs by adopting some of the most significant lyrics of the band of Liverpool.
Since 1998, Joe Pansa through numerous experiences honed his musical quality even live performing in festivals, parties and music festivals and gaining experience abroad , performing in New York and Amsterdam.
He collaborated with various musicians including Keedo Man of Pooglia Tribe , Rhino from Quality Bastard , Niky Calefati , Mr. Rekkia , Johnny White , Mr. Marker, Giuseppe Pascucci(guitarist), Vito Mannarini and many other musicians active in the Italian and international scene .
In 2013 he released his latest work entitled “BALLSOPACOSS” where different sounds are mixed to funky , hip hop , folk and rock with more completely experimental songs.
Always looking for different sounds and an original and unique style is engaged in many collaborations, the last with the artist Graziana Jana, a funky / blues singer and Gobest mainly hip hop singer.
He’s now working on two new different EP so stay tuned because new songs are coming.


A casa dei miei [Official Video]

Joe Pansa with Domingo Bombini and Noemi Isabella Acquatico

The video is a parody of the classic rapper and wants to reflect on the complete abandonment of the intelligence in the hip hop culture in Italy and around the world. An ironic, sarcastic, and denouncing video that wants to highlight the negative features of “a la carte” rap culture in favor of a more “sophisticated” and authentic rap.

Ballsopacoss (Official Video)

Joe Pansa with Niky Calefati

A song in my dialect dedicated to all those people who hates us with no reason…In my dialect we used to say Ballsopacoss to say “I don’t mind about your evil action”.