Lamps and Puppets

Art objects, we do not limit ourselves to appreciate them: we’re a little like them, because they represent a means to know ourselves and allow others to learn more about us.

Handmade Scarves

Hot Stylish design for these handmade unisex scarves in Super-soft top quality acrylic. Each scarf is a new personal design! Very warm and comfortable! Featuring a rainbow of pretty colours, these soft unisex scarves are ideal for brightening up your outfit.


The Illuminati

A pair of colorful lamps can bring new life to a house. Select lamps in a hue that complements your room’s existing decor—this will make the lamps feel as if they were always a part of the space.
There’s no need to limit colorful lamps to your house. Place a duo or create a family for a burst of color and personality in any space.


Puppets are all handmade with high quality craftsmanship.
Top quality fabrics.
They are shaped by imagination.
They can be made in a variety of colour combinations. Please contact me if you need special features with your specific requirements.