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Joe Pansa started making music in 1997 approaching the rap.

When  he realized that he wanted to sing and create his own music, he dived into other musical genres such as funky, folk and electronic music but he still keep the rap influence into some of his songs.

After a pause of reflection that lasted two and a half years, he started this new project by venturing into a musical journey between folk and electronics.

For this first important step he collaborated with the recording studio ChiralityAudio of Enrico Linsalata and several musicians including Vito Mannarini (guitarist and multi-instrumentalist), Marco Lafirenza (drummer) Giovanni Angelini (drummer) and Umberto Calentini (bassist and multi-instrumentalist). They have recorded together the first single “Lack of interiority”.

He have decided to take the more challenging path of not signing to a label and release his music independently.

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