joe pansa

visual art

I am a visual artist based in Puglia, Italy.

My practice investigates ways in which we can better understand our interiority through art.

In developing my own visions and expressions, I express my art through a variety of forms, from realism to the abstract, from video to photography and from sculpture to installation.

I made a prototype book for blind people and partially sight and I was one of the 20 artists selected for Ramdom Default Masterclass in Residence about Art, Cities and Regeneration.

I have an BA in Decoration and an MA in Visual Art both with full marks.

I attended in several workshops and residencies about art and theater around Europe and I have collaborated with public and private organizations for the realization of cultural and social promotion events and local, national and international art exhibitions.

My artworks have been exhibited and screened in several European cities and in New York.

I work mainly with different objects and materials trying to merge them into new forms and new contexts for meaning.

My production mainly includes paintings and watercolour and a new series of sculptures released in recent time. The early works were marked by a mystical surrealism on starry backgrounds where stand out elements and symbols that serve as intermediaries between the various possible worlds.

In other paintings instead, there are urban suggestions, graffiti with a pop character that recall, almost in contrast to the first ones, a current imaginary with bright colors that are consumed in abundance and commodification. In oil paintings, I’ve tried to “freezes” the portraits of girls with a technique that, despite its extreme truthfulness, through black and white highlights the melancholy that runs through these faces. Perhaps the new “Angelus Novus” dealing with the emptiness of the present.

Then the installations with an ironic taste, Dadaist revisitations, ironize on the trivialization of sexuality.



Black & white